Man Videotapes TSA Demanding To Screen After Plane Lands (Video)

Kahler Nygard flew from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Denver last Saturday. He was escorted off his Spirit Airlines flight in Denver by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before any other passengers.

Nygard was told by TSA agents that he had to undergo a screening before he could leave the Denver airport.

Nygard filmed the incident with his cell phone (video below) and posted it on YouTube.

The video shows one TSA agent asking Nygard for his boarding pass, which Nygard says he no longer has on him. The TSA agent then tells Nygard that he has to be screened because the screening in Minneapolis-St. Paul was not completed.

Nygard asks the TSA agent several times if he is being detained before the agent finally says, "I'm not detaining you."

Nygard then says he is going to leave, but the TSA agent replies, "Then I will reach out to Denver police and they will apprehend you... for refusing our direction."

Nygard asks, "What statute does that fall under?" but the TSA agent will only say, "I'm not going to argue with you. Are you going to comply or not?"

The TSA agent later says, "We are going to screen your body and your bags."

Nygard then leaves the airport and the TSA agent says he is going to contact the police.

However, Nygard wrote on his YouTube page: "I ended up leaving the airport without incident from the Denver police."

Nygard told InfoWars.com that a Fox 9 News report on the incident (below) was mostly “lies.”

Nygard claimed he had to undergo a full body pat down at the Minneapolis airport and is not a “Somali-American man” as Fox 9 News claimed, but is actually part Polish and Norwegian.

According to Fox 9 News, Nygard is on "the selectee list," which is similar to the "no-fly list."

"The selectee list" can fly, but has to undergo more thorough searches before boarding a plane.

This list is also known as a "quad S," which is designated by a boarding pass with four bold S's. One can get on the "quad S" list for things such as "buying your ticket the same day, paying cash, or getting a one-way ticket."

Fox 9 News reports that "a spokesperson for Spirit Airlines confirmed the incident" and said that a "Spirit employee who noticed the ticket and called the TSA. By then, however, the flight was already halfway to Denver."

When the flight landed in Denver, the FBI and TSA were waiting for Nygard at the gate and Nygard's bags were subjected to a search, claims Fox 9 News, but Nygard's video shows it was actually a proposed body and bag screening.

Sources: YouTube, Fox 9 News, InfoWars.com


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