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TSA Confiscates Photographer’s Blower Used to Clean Lenses

A photographer claims that the TSA took away his Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster, which is a bulb-like device used to remove dust from dirty lenses.

A user with the handle "Surapon" recalled on that he was traveling from Greece to North Carolina, but had to switch planes in New York.

Apparently, the New York TSA agents had no idea what the blower was, but came up with their own fantasy of how dangerous it could be.

Surapon writes, "[The TSA agent's] supervisor explained to him that if someone put gun powder inside this rocket blower, it can fly like a missile."

Unfortunately, the photographer says he had to throw away his blower.

According to, Surapon has removed some decorative fins off his blowers, and has had no more problems from the TSA.

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