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TSA Confiscates High Heels Shaped Like Guns


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) seized a pair of women’s shoes with heels designed to look like guns from a traveler at a security checkpoint at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

A TSA public affairs representative posted photos on Twitter and Instagram of the confiscated heels and a replica ammunition belt that was also seized. The belt and shoes may or may not have belonged to the same traveler. The pictures were posted as reminders of what travelers should avoid taking and wearing on board airplanes.

Both items fall under what TSA terms “realistic replicas of firearms.” While neither item was actually a working weapon, the agency bans even replica weapons from being carried aboard during air travel. Both the shoes and the belt could have been packed in checked luggage, according to TSA regulations.

Because the shoes were voluntarily surrendered, neither a report nor arrest was made as a result of the incident. It is unclear as to where the owner of the shoes was travelling. 

TSA currently maintains a blog, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts. The blog features unusual items confiscated at TSA checkpoints in the United States. The blog stated that 49 firearms were confiscated at airports just last week.

Sources: RT, ABC News


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