TSA Unearths Chilling Finds At New York Airport (Photos)


Transport Security Administration officials discovered “artfully concealed” weapons in two passengers’ belongings at New York’s La Guardia airport on Feb. 8.

Miguel Rosario Munoz, 40, and Lizbeth M. Esteras, 18, were due to board a flight to Miami before security stopped them, RT reports.

Authorities say they discovered a straight-edge razor inside Munoz’s shoe. Both Esteras and Munos reportedly hid blades inside a baseball cap and a cologne bottle, respectively.

The two are facing criminal charges for weapons possession. The TSA did not say if the two were related.

In another incident, TSA officials stopped a man wearing a necklace with a knife at nearby New Jersey’s Newark Airport on Feb. 9.

The TSA's blog reveals that from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4  security confiscated 62 firearms -- most of which were loaded. They also discovered knives and a cane sword at an airport in Philadelphia.

In 2015, TSA discovered 2,653 guns in carry-on luggage and 83 percent of these were loaded. Six of those top 10 gun catches took place in Texan airports, the TSA’s 2015 Year in Review blog post notes.

The agency uses the hashtag #TSAGoodCatches to document these discoveries. 

Not all of these finds are threatening. Some are just unusual -- like Batman boomerangs.

“Batarangs are becoming more and more common and it’s important that you know they’re prohibited in carry-on bags,” the TSA wrote on its Instagram page, with a photo of one found at Salt Lake City International Airport. “They can be placed in your checked baggage along with your grapple gun, bat-saw, collapsible bat-sword, and other utility belt items.”

Other unusual finds include throwing stars, bear repellant and even somebody’s dog at La Guardia Airport.

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“It’s always important to double check your bags before traveling, especially to make sure your Chihuahua hasn’t stowed away inside one of them,” writes the TSA. “While resolving a checked baggage alarm, an officer was shocked when he found a dog in the bag! Apparently, the dog climbed in while its owner was packing her suitcase. TSA worked with the airline to identify the owner, and the two were happily reunited.”

Sources: RTTSA Blog, TSA Instagram / Photo credit: TSA Blog

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