TSA Agents Freak Out After Man Puts Cat Through Scanner At LAX (Photos)


Transportation Security Administration agents reportedly screamed at a passenger after he put his cat inside a checked bag and ran it through the scanner at Los Angeles International Airport.

The passenger, who was traveling on a JetBlue flight, put his bag through an X-ray machine at LAX with his cat inside.

LAX passengers on Twitter posted about the incident and reported hearing screams from agents when the cat was discovered. 

“Standing in front of a guy at TSA,” user SaraJBenincasa tweeted. “I hand him a bin. I turn away and go through the scanner. I hear screams. HE PUT HIS CAT IN THE BIN.”

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TSA officers subsequently removed the cat from the bag, which was not a pet carrier, and later determined the cat had not been harmed by the radiation.

The passenger told a supervisor that he wasn’t aware that animals weren’t supposed to be put through the machines. 

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The incident was ultimately deemed accidental. The man and his pet were both permitted to board their flight to New York.

Sources: Gawker, NBC Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Twitter and Instagram via NBC Los Angeles


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