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TSA Agents Find 3 Pounds Of Cocaine Nestled In Raw Meat

In the underground world of drug smuggling, there are those who get “A’s” for effort and those who get “A’s” for creativity. In the case of one San Jose, Calif., man, his creativity was a tad too over the top, thus sparking TSA agents into further investigating three pounds of “meatloaf” in his bag.

According to the Huffington Post, 24-year-old Salvador Zamaya was set to fly from San Jose to Seattle when TSA agents notified local authorities that three pounds of cocaine had been found nestled in a container of “meatloaf,” within the contents of Zamaya’s bag.  

Before the plane took off, Zamaya was apprehended by authorities, who must have been chuckling to themselves in awe of such a brazen smuggling plan.

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Zamaya is not the first smuggler to attempt to stash a shipment within a food package, but one must put themselves in the place of TSA agents who would undoubtedly find it a bit odd that “meatloaf” was to be such a coveted item.

It remains unclear if San Jose is famous for their meatloaf, but seeing as how Zamaya’s plan was a colossal failure, TSA agents must have had prior experience with the local meat supply. It is quite possible that if he had chosen a couple of Porterhouse steaks instead, TSA agents would not have been alerted.

Most can remember back to their childhoods when Mom would tragically announce that it was “meatloaf night.” All eyes would sink bellow to the floor as the loaf of meat was planted to the center of the table. It was a waiting game to see who was daring enough to lift their fork first.

What Zamaya provides us with is the important life lesson that meatloaf is only good for smuggling cocaine and should not be consumed in any other circumstance.

Source: Huffington Post / Photo credit: Google


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