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TSA Agent At JFK Airport Steals $7K Watch From Passenger, Then Destroys It

A New York TSA agent is accused of stealing a $7,000 watch from a passenger, and then destroying it to cover up her wrongdoing.

Margo Grant-Louree, 41, from Brooklyn, New York, worked as a Transportation Security Administration screener at JFK Airport until her recent resignation.

On Aug. 26, while Grant-Louree was working, passenger Bindoo Ahluwalia took off his white diamond covered watch and placed it in a bin for screening.

Ahluwalia forgot the watch, valued at $7,000, at the security checkpoint.

Instead of putting the watch aside for Ahluwali to return and retrieve, Grant-Louree allegedly took it and walked away to a nearby bathroom, reports New York Daily News.

Her actions were caught on the security camera near the Terminal 7 checkpoint.

Grant-Louree admitted to taking the watch into the bathroom, and said that she got nervous later when she saw that her co-workers were looking for it so she destroyed it, PIX 11 reports.

“The defendant was supposed to be screening passengers to ensure the safety of the flying public, but on this particular day this employee allegedly removed a very expensive watch from a plastic bin and kept it for herself. This kind of thievery will not be tolerated at our airports,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Grant-Louree has been charged with third-degree grand larceny and one count of official misconduct.

Sources: New York Daily News, PIX 11 / Photo Source: New York Daily News


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