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'Trust Fund Kid' Kept Videos Of Himself Raping Women (Photo)

A so-called "trust fund kid" from Manhattan has been arrested and charged with hundreds of sex crimes.

Cameron McDermott, 31, was arrested on June 8 and charged with raping two women, reports the New York Post.

The accused, who resides on Manhattan's luxurious Upper East Side, is son of the CEO of a New York-based bond brokerage firm, and is described as having a privileged upbringing.

He allegedly recorded himself drugging, raping and sexually assaulting the two women at least 13 times at various apartments in Manhattan, then saved the videos on his computer, according to police. He reportedly knew both victims well.

The videos allegedly show McDermott fondling both women, inserting an object into one woman's vagina and sodomizing the other, reports the Daily Mail.

"The defendant meticulously recorded each of these actions, and then labeled them on his computer, under files named things like 'unconscious' and the victim’s name, a folder marked 'undressing' and the victim’s name," said Assistant District Attorney Jamie Kleidman. "[There was] a folder marked 'rape' and then videos of him raping the unconscious woman."

Kleidman said McDermott had been previously arrested on Jan. 19 and charged with public lewdness on Long Island. "There he was cross-dressing, approaching women and exposing himself," Kleidman said.

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In one incident in the parking lot of Adelphi University, McDermott donned a wig, yoga pants and lipstick, and then urinated on a woman's leg, according to a criminal complaint filed at the time.

During the Jan. 19 arrest, police searched McDermott's cell phone and other electronic devices. In addition to video evidence of the two rape victims, they also found hundreds of child pornography images, Kleidman told the court.

The child porn allegedly was "meticulously marked by age, like '2 years old' and the actions the children are being forced to engage in, such as 'daddy and daughter.'"

Referring to the defendant as a "sexual predator," Kleidman requested that he be held without bail because he has the financial resources to flee. "His family has lots of money and is living in a multimillion-dollar home in Florida," she said.

In response, defense lawyer James Pascarella argued that his client is not a flight risk, adding that he "has no prior criminal history and comes from a well to do family and has every intention of addressing these charges."

Judge Dwyer agreed with the Kleidman, and ordered the defendant held without bail.

McDermott ultimately pleaded not guilty to more than 200 counts of predatory sexual assault, rape, sex abuse and unlawful surveillance.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Pixabay

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