Did Trump Bodyguard Wear Prosthetic Hands To Hide Gun?

There is strange theory swirling around social media about one of Donald Trump's Secret Service agents.

The theory is that the agent was wearing prosthetic arms during Trump's inauguration ceremony, reports the Daily Mail.

In video footage and photos, the agent is seen flanking Trump and his family as they walked down Pennsylvania Avenue. But for several minutes, his arms do not appear to move, and his hands remained in the same awkward position.

His right hand, which seems larger than the other, is open flat against his torso, and his left hand is balled into a fist.

This led some to believe that his real hands were holding a gun hidden under his coat

The theory even got so specific as to identify the possible gun as being a Belgian-made FN-P90 sub-machine gun, because it is used by the Secret Service's Emergency Response Teams and is small enough to tuck underneath a coat.

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The speculation was initiated on the gaming blog Frag Hero by an anonymous writer who said: "After yesterday's presidential inauguration, many members of the military and law enforcement community noticed something very unusual about one of Trump's bodyguards. The conclusion they reached was that he did indeed have tactical fake arms."

The blogger said the agent bears "an uncanny resemblance to Hitman Agent 47," referring to a character in an action movie.

However, the theory was debunked by the Task and Purpose website, which pointed out that there are other pictures taken the same day of the same agent with his hands in different positions.

Adam Linehan, a writer for the site, noted: "The bodyguard, in the background of the image, exits one of the vehicles in the motorcade, and adjusts his tie and coat the way a man -- a human man with functional arms -- does whenever he's about to appear in public."

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With a hint of sarcasm, Linehan concludes: "I want to live in a world where a presidential bodyguard uses tactical fake arms to conceal a rifle in his coat. We all do. But we don’t."

Sources: Daily Mail, Task and Purpose / Photo credit: Wellcome Images/Wikimedia Commons, Daily Mail, Getty via Daily Mail

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