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Trump's Job Approval Numbers In Michigan Decline

People in Michigan voted for President Donald Trump in the November 2016 election, but Trump isn't so popular in the state these days, as a new survey found his approval ratings in the state have dropped.

The EPIC-MRA poll, released on May 31, found that 37 percent of voters in Michigan said that they have favorable views of Trump -- compared to the 56 percent who said the same of former President Barack Obama. Only 12 percent gave the current president a positive job rating, reports The Detroit Free Press.

"I think the [response on] direction of the country and the view of President Trump's performance in office are kind of going hand in hand," said the company that conducts EPIC-MRA's polls.

Trump's positive job rating in the state was 18 percent when EPIC-MRA conducted a similar poll in February, but is now down to 12 percent. Meanwhile, Michiganders who gave Trump a negative job review is up 5 points since February, with 61 percent of respondents in the May poll not approving of his job performance.

Similarly, 55 percent -- 5 percentage points more than in February -- of those polled said the country's direction has taken a "wrong turn."

The survey found 31 percent think the country is heading in the right direction, down from 35 percent in February.

The decline is not only coming from Democrats. 

"We're beginning to see some slippage among Republicans for [Trump's] performance," said the pollster. "If he comes to a point where his numbers slip even further among Republicans, you're going to see more and more legislators jump ship from him."

Fewer Republicans rated Trump's performance highly, with 67 percent of GOP voters approving of the job Trump is doing, down from nearly 80 percent who said the same in February.

Michigan voters' views on Trump, according to the survey, are just a hair more negative than national averages, as average from Real Clear Politics have found that as of May 31, Trump has an average of 39.9 percent approval and 54.2 percent disapproval. The RCP average is based on eight different national polls.

Despite the low scores for the president and the job he is doing, 60 percent of Michigan voters still said the economy was doing better, although this number has dropped from the 67 percent who said the same in February, while there was a 7 point increase in the number of people who said that the economy was either getting worse or was stuck and not improving.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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