Trump Vows To Wipe Out US Debt By End Of Second Term


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he would wipe out the U.S. national debt by the end of his second term.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump predicted that the country is moving towards a "very massive recession," and dismissed concern that such a prediction could affect financial markets.

"I know the Wall Street people probably better than anybody knows them," he said. "I don't need them."

In his first 100 days in office, Trump said, he would cut taxes as well as "renegotiate trade deals and renegotiate military deals" such as the U.S. role in NATO. He also said he'd be able to abolish the more than $19 trillion national debt "over a period of eight years."

While it is widely accepted that a $2 trillion budget cut annually would be necessary to pay off the debt, Trump insisted he would be able to do it.

"I'm renegotiating all of our deals, the big trade deals that we’re doing so badly on. With China, $505 billion this year in trade," he said.

Trump also said during the interview that he would make other countries "respect our country" through an "aura of personality." He would also make it so that high-level federal government employees would need to sign a nondisclosure agreement to prevent them from writing insider accounts of a Trump White House.

"When people are chosen by a man to go into government at high levels and then they leave government and they write a book about a man and say a lot of things that were really guarded and personal, I don’t like that," he said.

Trump's campaign has recently taken a large stumble, following a highly publicized feud with rival Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in which he criticized the senator's wife's appearance. Trump has also made controversial statements regarding punishment for women who get abortions. He recently enlisted the help of his wife, Melania, to try to salvage his reputation with women.

"No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal," she said on the campaign trail, The New York Times reported. "He’s a fighter, and if you elect him to be our president, he will fight for you and for our country.”

Sources: Washington Post, New York Times / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

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