Trump Seen Unfavorably By Vast Majority Of Women Voters


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump needs to improve his standing with women.

The most recent polling found the likely GOP nominee is viewed unfavorably by most female voters, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

A Gallup poll released on April 1 found 70 percent of women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, an increase of 6 points since January.

In the Republican Party, 49 percent of female voters said they view Trump unfavorably, while 89 percent of Democratic women do not have a positive view of the candidate.

A CBS poll conducted in mid-April found similar results, with 69 percent of female voters nationwide stating they have negative views of Trump.

“General election women voters think he’s abhorrent,” Katie Packer, the chairwoman of Our Principles PAC, which opposes Trump, said in April, according to The Guardian. “They think he’s a sexist. They think he doesn’t respect women, and doesn’t really view women in any real way beyond their physical appearance.”

The negative views women have towards Trump may be due to comments he has made on the campaign trail about women, as well as before he decided to run for office.

In a Our Principles PAC anti-Trump ad, the group had women read aloud insults Trump has made against women, including "bimbo," "dog" and "fat pig."

Trump has attacked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by stating she is playing the “woman’s card” and that her only appeal to female voters is her gender, CNN reports.

“She’s got nothing else going on,” Trump said.

He has also made headlines by attacking how women look. Three of his targets while on the campaign trail have included former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, Heidi Cruz, the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

For all of Trump’s questionable attacks against women, some support him.

Women who have worked for him say he is a giving and inspirational boss who treats women and men equally.

Trump supporter Florine Goldfarb told the SunSentinel she is tired of hearing that women view Trump unfavorably.

“It's not true ... There's a lot of women who do favor Trump, and the main reason is we want a wall [along Mexican border]. We want to feel safe. We're concerned about immigration, and we're concerned about jobs, the economy and our children,” she said.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, does not appear concerned with the candidate’s poor polling with female voters.

"Donald Trump's numbers are going to be strong with women because they want the same thing that everybody else wants," he told CNN. "They don't vote based on gender. They vote on competency -- and that competency includes making sure that the nation is secure, which Donald Trump has pledged he will do, making sure we don't have illegal immigrants pouring across the border, and making sure individuals have opportunities for jobs. Those are the things that cut across socioeconomic status, they cut across gender, they cut across race."

Sources: CNN, Gallup, The Guardian, CBS News, SunSentinel / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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