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Trump Threatens Independent Run, Says GOP Isn't Honoring Loyalty Pledge

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Despite pledging loyalty to the Republican party in September 2015, presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed the Republican National Committee and threatened an independent run for the presidency.

Trump alluded to a potential independent run at a campaign stop on Feb. 15 in South Carolina, urging the RNC to intervene regarding "lies" Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has allegedly stated about the real estate mogul's policy positions.

"The RNC better get its act together," Trump said. "I signed a pledge. But the pledge isn’t being honored by them."

Trump initially refused to rule out an independent run should he not get the Republican nomination, later signing a "loyalty pledge" with the committee. 

Trump also recently stated, in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America," that he's "very seriously" considering suing Cruz for lying and misleading voters about his policies.

"I'm thinking about it very seriously," he said. "I've never dealt with anyone who lies like him."

Sources: Fox News, ABC News / Photo credit: Reuters

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