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Trump Doubts Judgment Of Cop Who Shot Terence Crutcher


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has touted his support from police officers throughout his presidential campaign, but in the video below, he didn't hesitate to criticize the Tulsa, Oklahoma officer who shot an unarmed black man with his hands up.

Trump was asked about Betty Shelby's shooting of Terence Crutcher, the unarmed black man who was shot by a white police officer in Tulsa on Sept. 17, sparking national outrage, at a predominantly African American church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

"Well as you know, I am a tremendous believer in the police and law enforcement because we need that for ourselves, we do, we really do,” Trump said to applause, according to Real Clear Politics. “And I have gotten the endorsement of so many different police groups. And they are great people, they are great people. Now, great people, you always have problems. Somebody in there that either makes a mistake, that is bad, or that chokes.”

The shooting was caught on video by both the police dashcam and a helicopter flying overheard. Trump said he saw the video and he believed Crutcher didn't appear to be a threat.

“I must tell you, I watched the shooting in particular in Tulsa, and that man was hands up, that man went to the car, hands up, put his hand on the car. To me it looked like he did everything you're supposed to do,” Trump said.

“Was she scared? Was she choking? What happened?” Trump said. “But maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they can't be doing what they're doing. They can't be doing what they're doing.”

An attorney for Shelby said the officer believed Crutcher was under the influence of narcotics, reported NBC News.

Shelby had previously been accused of domestic abuse after her ex-husband filed a protective order against her.

The protective order was later denied, according to the report. 

Sources: Real Clear Politics, NBC News / Photo credit: ABC News via YouTube

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