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Facing Threats, Trump's Rape Accuser Cancels Appearance

The woman known only as "Jane Doe," who has filed federal lawsuits accusing Republican nominee Donald Trump of raping her multiple times when she was 13, was scheduled to speak to the press on Nov. 2 but canceled the appearance at the last minute.

"Jane Doe has received numerous threats today," attorney Lisa Bloom told the media crews who were waiting for the anonymous woman's appearance, according to Politico. "She has decided she is too afraid to show her face ... She is in terrible fear."

Doe, who had been expected to reveal her real name and identity at the media event, came forward in June with claims that Trump repeatedly raped her in 1994, at a time when she was pursuing a modeling career. She says she attended parties at the home of investor Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted of underage sex crimes in 2008 and has been tied to both Trump and former President Bill Clinton in the past.

It was at those parties she says she was raped.

The defendant said in the recent suit that both Trump and Epstein were fully aware at the time that she was well under 17 years of age.

According to Doe's account of the alleged events, Trump raped her several times at Epstein's parties and struck her repeatedly in the face while "screaming that he would do whatever he wanted" when she asked him to stop. He then reportedly threatened to harm or kill both her and her family if she ever told anyone what had happened.

Trump's camp has denied all allegations related to the suit.

"It is categorically untrue," Trump's attorney, Alan Garten, told Politico in September. "It is completely frivolous. It is baseless. It is irresponsible. I won't even discuss the merits because it gives it credibility that it doesn't deserve."

The court date for the civil suit related to these accusations is set for Dec. 16 in a New York district court, notes The Guardian. Judge Ronnie Abrams has ordered counsel for both Trump and Epstein to appear at that time for an initial conference.

Sources: Politico, The Guardian / Photo credit: Unsplash/Pexels

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