Protester Lights Trump Supporter's Hair On Fire (Video)

A video clip has emerged on the internet showing an anti-President Donald Trump protester lighting the hair of a female Trump supporter's hair on fire (video below).

The video was taken in Washington, D.C., during Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20 and shows a confrontation between Trump's supporters and detractors.

During the video, the protesters can be heard chanting, "This is what democracy looks like," "Loves Trumps hate," and, "No justice, no peace."

At the 1:12 mark, a female Trump supporter stands in front of the protesters and poses while her friend takes a picture. Seconds later, the back of her hair is on fire, and a fellow Trump supporter quickly reaches forward and puts it out with his hand.

"That is so f***** up," the young woman's friend says. "Did you really just light my friend on fire?"

At 1:38, the video slows down and zooms in, showing a hand reaching forward with a lighter. It appears to belong to a woman wearing a blue winter hat, who stands in the background as some of the protesters apologize to the victim.

"We're really sorry," one of them says.

"That's f****** horrible," declares another.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube Jan. 20 and has been viewed more than 880,000 times. In the comments section, a user who claims to be a friend of the protester who was set on fire wrote her thoughts:

I am the girl in this video wearing the red hat, and the girl who was lit aflame is a close friend of mine. I witnessed this entire event unfold. Before this video was taken me and my friend were going back and forth with the protesters, all peacefully albeit [with] a few crude gestures aimed at us. The fact that this woman had enough anger towards people with beliefs different than hers that she would go so far as to light them on fire is disgusting. To assault another human while forcefully preaching "love" and "tolerance" is unadulterated hypocrisy. We are doing everything in our power to find the woman responsible. Make America great again.

The incident came three days after a man lit himself on fire outside Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. He reportedly used a lighter and an accelerant, and was eventually taken to a nearby hospital with third-degree burns on 10 percent of his body, according to The Washington Post. While his motive is unclear, eyewitnesses say the man mentioned Trump's name.

Sources: YouTube, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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