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Trump Fan Harassed For Wearing #BuildTheWall T-shirt (Video)

A President-elect Donald Trump supporter from California claims he was verbally accosted by his anti-Trump neighbors for wearing a T-shirt with the words "#buildthewall."

Nathan Morton uploaded a video (below) to YouTube on Dec. 3 of a scene shot in the communal lobby of his California apartment building.

"Backstory: the neighbors above me agitate constantly so i hang out in the clubhouse to get work done," he wrote, the Daily Mail reports.

"This is a particularly clear example of the kind of nonsense hostility I deal with on a regular basis. I'm wearing a #buildthewall print T-shirt. MAGA."

The video portrays a woman -- a building neighbor of Morton's -- asking: "Are you racist? You have a shirt that says 'build the wall.'"

Morton is then featured asking a man, "Can I film this?" before the man retorts: "Film it, go for it... you're the f***ing d***head wearing a hashtag build the wall shirt."

The two neighbors continue to verbally attack him even after Morton asks them to leave him alone.

"You say you want to build the wall, are you a racist?" the woman asks. "I'm Mexican, so just wondering, are you racist?"

Morton then replies he'd rather have no comment on the matter, which triggers the man to respond: "Well of course you don't, you're the one wearing a f***ed up shirt, man. Don't wear s**t like that around here.

"You live here, among a bunch of different people from a bunch of races, different religions, do you really think you're going to make friends wearing a shirt like that around here."

The Trump supporter repeats he is not interested in talking about the shirt and does not give either harasser his name when asked. 

The woman moves closer and closer to Morton, placing her smart phone a short distance away from his face and body, The Blaze reports. 

"This is what racism looks like," the woman is heard saying. "I wonder when was the last time he got laid, that's the problem... he's never gotten laid in his life."

The video ends when another man joins the group and persuades the woman to leave. Before exiting out through the door, the man is heard saying: "He's got his own damn opinion, let's go."

Morton's allegedly offensive T-shirt does not appear in the nearly 10-minute video.

Some social media followers claimed the footage was staged; however, Morton states it actually happened.

The YouTube clip has been seen more than 456,000 times.

Morton frequently posts controversial videos to his YouTube channel, including one where he states that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is part of a "global terror network," and another where he says President Barack Obama will get "virtually lynched."

He also believes the president stole two elections. 

Sources: Daily Mail, The Blaze / Photo credit: Picdrome Public Domain Pictures Follow/Flickr

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