Trump Says 'We've Had Enough Debates'


Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will not be attending the next GOP that was scheduled for March 21. The business mogul will instead deliver a speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. After the announcement, Fox News canceled the debate.

On March 16, following his slew of primary wins in the third Super Tuesday, Trump called into Fox News' “Fox and Friends” to discuss the recently slated debate, CBS News reports.

“I think we have had enough debates,” Trump said. “We have had 11 or 12 debates. I did really well on the last one. I think I have done well in all the debates … But I think we’ve had enough. How many times can the same people ask you to the same question?”

Fox News' GOP debate was scheduled for Salt Lake City on March 21, but after all Republican candidates dropped out, it was canceled. 

“Nobody told me about it,” Trump said, according to The Washington Times. “And I won’t be there, no.”

Trump added that he would instead attend the AIPAC policy conference, which is being held between March 20-22, where he will be “making a very major speech in front of a very important group of people.”

Trump had skipped a Fox News-moderated GOP debate before, opting out of one shortly before the Iowa caucus. He was outraged that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who he has feuded with over her line of questioning, would be allowed to moderate.

The GOP front-runner has attended Fox News debates since, but continues to ridicule Kelly. On March 15, he tweeted out that “watching other networks and local news … crazy [Kelly] is unwatchable.”

Dan Senor, who advised Republican Sen. Marco Rubio during his failed presidential bid, has stated that AIPAC had offered Trump a flexible schedule and accused Trump of using the appointment as an excuse to not face his remaining GOP rivals.

Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich also pulled out of the debate, as did Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, reports ABC News.

Sources: ABC NewsCBS News, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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