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Trump Tells Golf Club White House Is A 'Real Dump'

Trump Tells Golf Club White House Is A 'Real Dump' Promo Image

President Donald Trump has spent a lot of time at his golf courses in New Jersey and Virginia since becoming president, and part of that may have to do with his alleged views about the White House.

A profile of the president by reported that Trump told the members of his New Jersey club what he thought about his new residence.

Speaking with members before a recent round of golf, Trump reportedly said he spent so much time at the club because "that White House is a real dump," according to

The profile noted that Trump often lets his guard down when he is among people who pay to be there.

Trump has spent more than 40 days at his golf resorts since taking office.

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During one visit shortly after his election victory in November 2016, he interviewed candidates for his Cabinet while there.

"This is my real group," Trump said in remarks to the golf resort members during that visit. "You are the special people. I see all of you. I recognize, like, 100% of you, just about."

Trump has reportedly made 43 visits to his golf courses since taking office. The latest came July 30 when he was seen at his Virginia club, according to The Hill.

Although it was unclear whether Trump was golfing, the report said he was wearing a red cap -- believed to have his "Make America Great Again" slogan on it -- and a white polo shirt.

Trump's predecessor, former President Barack Obama, played golf 333 times during his eight years in the White House, according to PolitiFact.

"Can you believe that with all the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf," Trump tweeted in October 2014.

But according to PolitiFact's figures, Trump is ahead of Obama 21 to 11 in the number of times they had played golf at the same stage in their presidencies.

The Washington Post reported that Trump managed at least eight rounds of golf during July, a month when problems for his administration piled up, including the defeat of Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare and the controversy surrounding a meeting held by his son, Donald Trump Jr., with a Russian attorney in June 2016.

The Post's figures may not include all occasions when Trump played golf, since his communications team does not confirm if he has been out on the course. Currently, he is playing at a rate of once every 5.7 days.

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