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Trump Reclaims Lead From Clinton In New Poll

New polling indicates Republican nominee Donald Trump has surged back from behind to make the 2016 presidential election competitive once again.

On Sept. 6, a CNN/ORC Poll found that Trump currently leads by 2 percentage points, a slight lead that is within the survey’s margin of error, CNN reports.

This means the two major nominees are virtually tied, but it is a remarkable rebound for Trump.

The GOP nominee leads with 45 percent support among likely voters while Clinton comes in second with 43 percent. Meanwhile, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson comes in third with 7 percent support and Green Party nominee Jill Stein is last in line with 2 percent support.

These results are a dramatic shift from the same survey’s findings in early August, when Clinton had an 8-point lead.

Breaking down the data, 92 percent of self-identifying Democrats support Clinton while 90 percent of likely Republican voters have sided with Trump. Of those polled, 49 percent of independents are supporting Trump while only 29 percent are currently backing Clinton.

Along gender lines, 53 percent of women want Clinton while 54 percent of men are supporting Trump. Of likely voters, 54 percent under the age of 45 side with the Democratic nominee while 54 percent of likely voters aged 45 and older are supporting the GOP nominee.

Of white respondents, 55 percent are supporting Trump while only 34 percent currently back Clinton. Meanwhile, 71 percent of nonwhite voters plan to cast their ballot for Clinton while only 18 percent prefer Trump.

Only 46 percent of all respondents said they were enthusiastic about the 2016 presidential election. In comparison, the September 2012 survey found 57 percent were enthusiastic.

Respondents give Trump the edge on handling the economy and terrorism while they believe Clinton would be better for foreign policy and improving the lives of ethnic minorities. Respondents seem to be split on which major party nominee would better address immigration.

Clinton responded to the new polling data with a shrug, stating “I really pay no attention to polls ... We are on a course that we are sticking with.”

The Democratic nominee has enjoyed an impressive lead in national polls throughout August but new surveys indicate the November race is tightening.

Aggregating the past nine national polls released since Aug. 28, Real Clear Politics found that Clinton only leads a four-way race with 2.4 percentage points.

FiveThirtyEight, the election forecast group headed by statistician Nate Silver, still predicts a Clinton win in November with a 67.9 percent chance of victory. That is still a dramatic slide from previous forecasts. Trump currently has a 32.1 percent chance of winning in its prediction model.

Sources: CNN, FiveThirtyEightReal Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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