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Report: Trump Pays Male Staffers More Than Females

Men working for Donald Trump's presidential campaign earn about one-third more on average than their female counterparts, according to an analysis of the Republican nominee's payroll data by the Boston Globe.

The newspaper criticized Trump for employing fewer women and fewer minorities than his rival, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Only 28 percent of Trump's campaign employees are women, the Boston Globe said, while 9 percent are minorities.

Trump's female employees made $4,500 each for the month of April, on average, while men working for his campaign earned about $6,100.

By contrast, women comprise 53 percent of Clinton's campaign staff. Men outearned women on Clinton's team as well, but by a slim margin, earning $3,760 per month to the $3,710 paid to female staffers.

The Globe report analyzed campaign data from April, the most recent month for which payroll data is available. The report did not contrast salaries based on title or position -- the averages are a snapshot of all payroll data from both campaigns.

“Hillary for America has made it a priority to ensure that our staff represents the diversity of our country, and this commitment starts with Hillary Clinton,” Bernard Coleman, the Clinton campaign’s chief diversity and human resources officer, told the Boston Globe.

Hope Hicks, the Trump campaign's spokeswoman, did not return several calls for comment, according to the Globe.

Trump has offered his opinions on the issue before, at least in the abstract.

"When it comes to categorizing people, men and women into a group, it gets to be very dangerous," Trump said, according to CBS News. "When you have to categorize men and women into a particular group and a particular pay scale, it gets very -- because people do different jobs.

"It's very hard to say what is the same job," he said. "It's a very, very tricky question."

The disparity in pay between men and women in the Trump campaign is slightly greater than the national pay gap, the Boston Globe reported. Wage inequities have long been a problem in politics, with a CBS report in 2014 noting a double-digit pay gap between men and women in President Barack Obama's administration. Male White House staffers earned about $12,000 more per year than their female counterparts, the report found.

Sources: CBS News (2), Boston Globe / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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