Trump Passes Clinton In Another Poll


A new poll shows GOP nominee Donald Trump's lead over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton growing following the Republican National Convention and just as the Democratic National Convention gets into full swing.

Released on July 27, a new presidential election poll conducted by USC Dornsife/LA Times found  Trump’s support is currently 47 percent while Clinton’s is 40.5, a nearly 7-point advantage.

When respondents were asked to list their predicted winner, 49 percent answered Clinton while 44.5 percent responded with Trump. Those percentages show a tightening of the race, with 53 percent of respondents answered Clinton while 40.9 percent answered Trump in the same study in July 10.

The study broke down the demographics of both Trump and Clinton supporters, finding that support for the GOP nominee soared among respondents aged 65 and older. Respondents who had a college degree were 10 percentage points more likely to support Clinton.

While white respondents favored Trump over Clinton by nearly 25 percentage points, Clinton was heavily favored by likely Hispanic and African-American voters.

Polling during the convention weeks of presidential campaigns can be misleading, given the phenomenon of the “convention bounce.”

On July 26, a survey conducted by NBC News/SurveyMonkey found that Trump lead Clinton by 41 to 39 percent in a four-way November race that included Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, the poll concluded that the Republican convention had harmed Trump outside of the GOP.

While Trump’s favorability among Republican and Republican-leaning voters jumped by 9 points to 79 percent, the data indicated the Independent voters were largely turned off by the GOP convention.

While 84 percent of Republican respondents rated Trump’s convention speech as excellent or good, only 30 percent of Independents agreed while 40 percent rated the speech as poor or terrible.

Of Republican respondents, 52 percent said that they felt more favorable towards the GOP after the convention while only 9 percent of Independents agreed with 47 percent answering that they felt less favorable to the party now.

Whether or not Trump’s convention bounce will last, he has gained a new advantage -- for the first time, both he and Clinton are now equally unpopular.

On July 26, Gallup polling found that both Clinton and Trump scored an identical 37 percent favorability rating, with 58 percent of respondents grading them both unfavorably.

Sources: Gallup, NBC NewsUSC Dornsife / Photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group/Flickr

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