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Trump Orders List Of Crimes Committed By Immigrants

In an executive order signed on Jan. 25, President Donald Trump instructed his new administration to post a weekly list of all crimes committed by immigrants, drawing comparisons by critics to actions taken by Nazi Germany.

The administrative action, titled "Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements," referred only to immigrants and did not specify if it would only track those who are in the country without proper authorization, reports The Independent.

"To better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions, the Secretary shall utilize the Declined Detainer Outcome Report or its equivalent and, on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens," reads a portion of the executive order, according to The Independent.

Upon providing his signature to pass the order into law, Trump read out the names of U.S. citizens murdered by undocumented immigrants. The document also included directives to begin construction on a wall separating the U.S. and Mexico along the border, add immigration detention centers, hire 5,000 more Border Patrol officers, and enforcing deportation of undocumented immigrants convicted of crimes.

The orders are the first steps to following through on Trump's promises to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, which some have lauded as ways to save money nationally and cut back on crime, though critics have compared the new list to a feature in a Nazi Germany newspaper called "The Criminal Jew," which posted photos of Jewish people who had broken the law, notes The Independent's Indy 100. Around the same time, Hitler's administration directed the press to treat Jewish people differently than others.

"Jews are criminal by disposition," the 1943 directive reads. "The Jews are not a nation like other nations but bearers of hereditary criminality."

Leaders of some so-called "sanctuary cities," such as Miami, Florida, have agreed to comply with Trump's requests in order not to lose funding, while others, such as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, have stated that they will not change their ways and will fight the new presidential administration on immigration if need be, reports the Miami New Times.

Sources: The Independent, Indy 100, Miami New Times / Photo credit: Sean Spicer/Twitter

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