Trump: Obama Has Done A 'Horrible Job' (Video)


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has fired back against President Barack Obama's warning that the business mogul's controversial rhetoric and bullish foreign policy proposals have alarmed world leaders (video below).

On May 26, during the G-7 summit in Japan, Obama scolded Trump during a press conference, the Financial Times reports.

When asked about how world leaders were reacting to the GOP nominee’s statements, the president said they were indeed “rattled by him.”

Obama added that he believed they were right to be worried, “because a lot of the proposals he has made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually through what it is that is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous and what is required to keep the world on an even keel.”

Later that day, Trump was asked to respond to the president's remarks during a press conference in North Dakota. Trump appeared to wear the worry of world leaders as a badge of honor.

“When you rattle someone, that’s good because many of the world, as you know, many of the countries in our world, our beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us,” Trump responded, according to Fox News.

“So if they’re rattled, in a friendly way, we’re going to have great relationships with these countries,” he added.

Trump proceeded to criticize Obama’s foreign policy, asserting that it has been weak and ineffective.

“Well, look, he’s a president who's done a horrible job,” Trump said. “Everybody understands that. He’s a president who's allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him, and us, unfortunately.”

The billionaire then chastised Obama for criticizing a presidential nominee while abroad.

“He is a man who shouldn’t be really, you know, airing his difficulties, and he shouldn’t be airing what he’s airing where he is right now,” Trump said, referring to the president's trip to Japan.

Several world leaders with strong ties to the U.S. have expressed concern over the rise of Trump in the presidential race, from Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and Mayor Sadiq Khan of London.

Obama has been critical of Trump’s foreign policy proposals in the past. In April, after Trump suggested  Japan and South Korea should build up their own nuclear arsenals to protect themselves, Obama had choice words for Trump during the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C.

“The person who made the statements doesn’t know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the Korean Peninsula, or the world generally,” Obama said, according to CBS News.

Sources: CBS NewsFinancial TimesFox News/YouTube / Photo credit: Fox News/YouTube

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