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Trump Blasts Lynch For Handling Of Clinton Email Probe

President Donald Trump has blasted former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the Department of Justice investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

On June 13, Trump took to social media to accuse Lynch of allowing partisan bias to impact her decision making during the DOJ probe.

"A.G. Lynch made law enforcement decisions for political purposes… gave Hillary Clinton a free pass and protection," Trump tweeted out. "Totally illegal!"

Controversy of Lynch's handling of the Clinton investigation rekindled after former FBI Director James Comey indicated that she had asked him to use language similar to Clinton campaign messaging.

On June 8, Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. During his remarks, the former FBI director explained that his decision to publicly announce his findings in the Clinton probe in July 2016 was partly prompted by Lynch asking him to describe the probe as a "matter" rather than as an "investigation." 

"The Clinton campaign, at the time was using all kind of euphemisms -- 'security review,' 'matters,' things like that, for what was going on… So that concerned me because that language tracked the way the campaign was talking about FBI's work and that's concerning," Comey said, according to The New York Times.

The former FBI director added that he was unsure if the similarity between the Clinton campaign rhetoric and Lynch's request was intentional, but that it "gave me a queasy feeling."

Lynch reportedly made the request during a meeting with Comey in September 2015. The decision not to recommend charges against Clinton was ultimately made by Comey alone.

Comey’s testimony prompted several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to call for an investigation into Lynch's conduct during the Clinton probe.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has expressed an interest in requesting Lynch to testify under oath before the committee.

"Cruz absolutely supports Lynch testifying before [the] Judiciary committee," Cruz spokesperson Catherine Frazier told the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California agreed that Comey's account merited further scrutiny by the panel.

"I would have a queasy feeling too," Feinstein told CNN. "I think we need to know more about that, and there's only one way to know about it, and that's to have the judiciary committee take a look at that."

On June 11, the Senate Minority Leader, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, cautioned against the public drawing conclusions from the Comey testimony.

"Look, I heard what Jim Comey said… But I haven't heard Loretta Lynch's side of the story," Schumer told CBS News. "So I'm not going come to a conclusion as to who was right or wrong. Or whether it rises to the level that she should come testify."

Sources: CBS NewsCNNDonald J. Trump/Twitter, New York Post, The New York Times (2) / Photo Credit: United States Mission Geneva/Flickr

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