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Trump Responds To Obama's Calling Him Unfit To Be POTUS

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has issued a fiery condemnation of President Barack Obama's leadership. The statement was released shortly after the commander-in-chief offered a scathing critique of the business mogul's fitness to take over the White House.

On Aug. 2, Obama flatly stated that he believed Trump was unfit to become his successor during a press conference at the White House, NPR reports.

“Yes, I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president,” Obama said when asked about Trump’s capabilities. “I said so last week, and he keeps on proving it.”

Obama referenced Trump’s response to the parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan, a Muslim American who had been killed by a car bomb during the Iraq War in 2004.

The business mogul has become mired in controversy after firing back against the fallen soldier’s parents following their appearance at the Democratic National Convention.

Obama questioned why GOP leaders continued to support Trump after he had insulted the Gold Star parents, and also cited other campaign controversies.

“What does this say about your party that this is your standard-bearer?” Obama said. “This isn’t a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. This is daily and weekly where they are distancing themselves from statements he is making. … There has to come a point at which you say, ‘Enough.’”

Trump swiftly responded by posting a statement on his official Facebook page. The post was entitled: “STATEMENT IN RESPONSE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA’S FAILED LEADERSHIP.”

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The business mogul proceeded to blast Obama and his former Secretary of State, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. He designated the blame for the formation of ISIS, the Benghazi terror attack, and the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal toward the Obama administration.

“Hillary Clinton put the whole country at risk with her illegal email server, deleted evidence of her crime, and lied repeatedly about her conduct which endangered us all,” Trump continued. “They released criminal aliens into our country … They have betrayed our security and our workers, and Hillary Clinton has proven herself unfit to serve in any government office.”

The business mogul concluded that the U.S. required drastic change, stating that Clinton “is reckless with her emails, reckless with regime change, and reckless with American lives.”

Meanwhile, Obama’s appeals to GOP lawmakers to renounce their nominee arrived just as Republican Rep. Richard Hanna of New York announced that he would be voting for Clinton instead.

In an op-ed for Syracuse Local, Hannah wrote that Trump’s comments toward the Khan family had crossed an unforgivable line.

“For me, it is not enough to simply denounce his comments: He is unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country,” Hannah wrote.

Sources: Donald Trump/Facebook, NPRSyracuse / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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