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Trump: 'I Want To Be Greedy For The United States'

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Donald Trump expressed his desire to be “greedy” for the U.S. while speaking at a counter-rally during the Fox News GOP debate on Jan. 28.

In his speech at the rally, which was organized after Trump decided to skip the debate, Trump spoke to his wealth and admitted greed over the years.

“My whole life I've been greedy, greedy, greedy,” he said, according to Vox. "I've grabbed all the money I could get. I'm so greedy.

“But now I want to be greedy for the United States. I want to grab all that money. I'm going to be greedy for the United States.”

Trump made a similar statement at a rally in Iowa on Jan. 9, calling himself a “very greedy person” and admitting that he loves money, The Hill reported.

“I want to be so greedy for our country,” Trump said. "I want to take back money."

“I filed my papers with the federal elections,” he added. “Everyone said, ‘Well maybe he’s not as rich as we think, so maybe he’ll never file,’ but I filed. In fact, I would have filed if I didn’t run, because I want to brag. I love to brag, all right?”

Sources: Vox, The Hill / Photo credit: Flickr

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