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Trump: I Could Shoot Someone And Still Keep My Supporters (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump thinks his supporters are so loyal he could shoot someone in New York City and they’d still vote for him (video below).

“The polls say I have the most loyal people,” Trump said at a rally Jan. 23 in Sioux Center, Iowa. “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?”

“It’s, like, incredible,” he added.

His comment received laughs from the crowd, with one individual yelling so loudly that Trump responded to him with, “We love you, too, man.”

In a poll released Jan. 5 by NBC News and Survey Monkey, 51 percent of Trump supporters said they were absolutely certain they would vote for him. Thirty-three percent said there is a large chance Trump gets their vote.

Trump’s main rival in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, only had the absolute support from 36 percent of his supporters in the poll, with 49 percent saying there was a large chance they’d stick with the candidate.

Overall, the poll showed Trump has 35 percent of Republican voters' support. Among men, he has 39 percent of support, and women show him 29 percent. Cruz had the overall support of 18 percent, with 21 percent from men, and 13 percent from women.

During the rally, Trump went on to boast that he has the strongest percentage of guaranteed support by voters than any other candidate.

Sources: Latest News/YouTube, NBC News / Photo Source: Screenshot/YouTube

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