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Trump Hires Citizens United President

Citizens United President David Bossie has been named Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's deputy campaign manager.

"A friend of mine for many years," Trump said of Bossie during a phone call with The Washington Post. "Solid. Smart. Loves politics, knows how to win."

Bossie, a conservative, is well-known for investigating the Clintons for more than two decades. In his role as president of hard-line advocacy group Citizens United, he has been involved in requesting documents from the State Department about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state and publicly sharing emails the group has obtained, especially correspondence between her staff and the Clinton Foundation regarding meetings with foundation donors.

Citizens United became infamous after it orchestrated a 2010 Supreme Court decision that ended many restrictions on political spending for corporations and unions.

In July, Clinton vowed to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision within her first 30 days as president, if elected, Politico reported.

According to Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Bossie will be assisting with managing day-to-day operations and with strategic planning. He is also expected to help mount attacks against Clinton.

"He's a battle-tested warrior and a brilliant strategist," Conway said. "He's a nuts-and-bolts tactician as well, who's going to help us fully integrate our ground game and data operations, and help with overall strategy as my deputy."

While working for the Trump campaign, Bossie will take a leave of absence from Citizens United.

He has also left the Defeat Crooked Hillary super PAC, which he had been in charge of since June.

Sources: The Washington Post, Politico / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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