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Trump To Hire 70 Foreign Workers At Mar-a-Lago

Trump To Hire 70 Foreign Workers At Mar-a-Lago Promo Image

The Labor Department just granted 70 visas so that President Donald Trump can hire foreign workers as cooks, maids and servers at his Mar-a-Lago resort and hotel.

Trump has previously criticized companies such as Carrier Corp. and Ford Motor Company for moving jobs out of the U.S.

The workers will come to the country on temporary visas that will allow them to work through the busy winter season, when tourists from other states flock south for a taste of Florida's warm weather.

Trump, who campaigned on filling jobs in the U.S. with U.S. citizens, has previously defended his foreign hiring practices at the Palm Beach, Florida, resort.

"It’s very, very hard to get people. But other hotels do the exact same thing. ... This is a procedure. It’s part of the law," Trump said at a 2016 debate, according to The Washington Post. "I take advantage of that. There’s nothing wrong with it. We have no choice."

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In 2016, Trump hired 64 foreign workers for the Mar-a-Lago winter tourist season, which was six less than 2017. Since then, the labor market in Palm Beach County has thinned even further -- the unemployment rate was 3.6 percent as of September, the lowest in a decade, according to the Palm Beach Post.

As a whole, Palm Beach County increased their foreign hiring for low-paying, temporary positions to 2,159 -- up from 1,844 in 2016.

While some agree that Trump has "no choice" but to turn to foreign workers in the saturated job market, some believe he should have tried harder to find U.S. workers, especially given his hard-line stance on foreigners taking American jobs.

According to The Washington Post, two ads for seasonal Mar-a-Lago employment ran in the Palm Beach Post.

"3 mos recent and verifiable exp in fine dining/country club," the ad read. "No tips."

The ad reportedly contained no email address or phone number. The ad also contained no mailing address and instructed prospective applicants to apply via fax.

A Washington Post contributor found several willing U.S. applicants at a job fair near Mar-a-Lago.

"Oh, my God, working at Mar-a-Lago is my dream job," said Sky Chester, who had experience in service. "I would do anything: make beds, scrub toilets, whatever they need. Just to get my foot in the door at Mar-a-Lago would be amazing. That place is the top of the top."

Rekiya Overstreet also expressed interest: "I would work there, absolutely. I think it would be a great opportunity. But I think they prefer to hire foreign workers."

Sources: Palm Beach Post, The Washington Post / Featured Image: sergio_leenen/Flickr / Embedded Images: CZmarlin/Wikimedia Commons, The White House/Flickr

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