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Poll: Trump Gets Rare 50 Percent Approval Rating

New polling indicates likely voters are evenly split on President Donald Trump's job performance. 

On June 16, a Rasmussen Reports survey found that 50 percent of likely voters approved of Trump, The Daily Caller reports. 

The poll found that 31 percent of respondents strongly approved of Trump's job performance, while 42 percent strongly disapproved, indicating that negativity towards the president ran stronger than positivity.

The polling results indicate a mixed bag for Trump, but mark a noticeable bump for his approval rating compared to other surveys.

Matt Drudge, founder of the conservative Drudge Report, reportedly took to social media to tout the survey results.

"Sound of the atom splitting... coming from Rasmussen, most accurate poll of '16," Drudge wrote in a rare tweet, according to The Hill.

The Rasmussen survey results yielded a significantly higher approval rating for the president than the majority of recent polls.

On June 12, the Gallup daily tracking poll found that only 36 percent of national adults approved of Trump, while 60 percent disapproved. By June 15, the president inched closer to less shaky ground with 38 percent of respondents approving and 57 percent disapproving of his job performance.

FiveThirtyEight, the polling website spearheaded by statistician Nate Silver, keeps a pollster rating scorecard. It analyzed that Rasmussen Reporters had a mean-reverted bias that skewed conservative by two percentage points and graded the polling group's reliability with a C+ based on simple average error and races called correctly.

While Rasmussen Reports may have received a mediocre grade for its reliability, it proved to be one of the more accurate pollsters during the 2016 presidential race.

In November 2016, Rasmussen Reporters asserted that its final survey results leading up to the election were the single most accurate when compared to other polling groups, according to The Hill.

It had given former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton an advantage of two percentage points, closing mirroring her popular vote margin of victory. While Clinton won more raw votes, Trump clinched the race by securing the Electoral College

"The media created a false narrative about the 2016 presidential campaign, and most polling reinforced it," Rasmussen Reports asserted in a statement at the time. "Our polling showed that issues, not the media-fed controversies, would ultimately decide the election."

RealClearPolitics, after aggregating the last eight national surveys released between June 6 and June 15, found that Trump had an average approval rating of 40 percent with an average disapproval rating of 53.6 percent.

Sources: The Daily Caller, FiveThirtyEight, The Hill (2), Matt Drudge/TwitterRealClearPolitics / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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