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Trump Fan Goes On Angry Tirade Against Muslim Family (Video)

An unidentified man went on an angry tirade against a Muslim family on a beach in South Padre Island, Texas (video below).

The Muslim family was enjoying a family reunion when the man reportedly berated them with profanity, mentions of ISIS and Sharia law, and a chant: "Donald Trump! Donald Trump!" RT notes.

Noria Alward uploaded the video on YouTube on May 5, and wrote a description about what happened:

My father was approached by two woman who were also enjoying their time. The women asked him to help with talking to a stranger who was harassing them. All my father said to the guy was "please enjoy your time and have fun and let everyone else here enjoy their time." The guy seemed to listen and walked away. He then came back to my father and started throwing racist comments.

He was yelling so loud that my uncles and my brother came over from the water to see what was going on. The insane man came close to the kids and that's when my uncle stood up to him and defended us and the kids, including my 4 year old cousin, 4 and 2 year old nephews. The video here shows a glimpse of what we all had to experience. It is worth mentioning that we contacted South Padre police and the man left on his way back [t]o the hotel.

A little after that the police came and told my father to call them again if he harasses us again. We went back to playing in the water and sand then the insane man came back with even more aggressiveness and more racial slurs. We called 911 again as you may be able to hear on the video. After about 20 minutes of him going crazy he left back to the hotel.

The police then came back and they arrested the man at the hotel restaurant. When we spoke to the hotel management, they said they couldn't do anything at the time because he is in police custody and that if they see him, they will evict him. The next morning my uncle saw him at the front desk and talked to the management.

They plainly told us that they can't do anything about it right now and that if he does this again he will be arrested. I don't understand what it takes for this hotel to take actions. Do they need someone to get hurt?

(Note: Most of the man's rant is heard at 2:45 mark and onward)

Warning: Graphic language

Sources: RT, Noria Alward/YouTube / Photo Credit: Mohammed Tawsif Salam

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