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Trump Grandson Tristan Injured On Family Ski Trip

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Donald Trump Jr.'s son, Tristan, broke his leg on a family ski trip and was rushed to a local hospital.

According to reports, the 5-year-old was skiing with his father, his aunt Ivanka Trump, and some cousins on a family trip to Aspen. He was accompanied by Secret Service on the way to the emergency room.

Nearly 100 Secret Service agents reportedly accompanied the family on the Aspen trip, and it was not confirmed if those agents were paid with taxpayer money. The Aspen Times reports that a federal government site says the Secret Service signed a contract for more than $12,000 for ski equipment and clothing rentals between March 10 and March 23.

But Mark Godomsky, Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club executive director, said he knew nothing of the contract and that the club does not rent equipment. The club is listed as the contractor on the contract.

"I see all the checks that come through here and I certainly didn't see one from the Secret Service," said Godomsky. "For me, this is entirely out of the blue."

Other details on the equipment rental forms seem to be inaccurate. A phone number listed on the release form did not match any of the ski resorts, but instead was for a plastic injection molding company in Loveland, Colorado, called Kent Systems. The company told the Aspen Times it had owned the phone number for more than 15 years.

As of March 17, Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, as well as Aspen Police Chief Richard Pryor both said they had yet to be approached by the Secret Service in providing protection for the Trumps' visit. Pryor mentioned he had some contact with the Secret Service.

The Secret Service has incurred protection costs well into the tens of thousands protecting members of the first family on their trips around the globe. According to NBC News, the Secret Service spent more than $55,000 to protect first children Tiffany, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump on a February business trip to Vancouver. Eric's trip to Uruguay in January 2017 reportedly cost more than $97,000 in Secret Service protection.

According to CNN, officials in Palm Beach, Florida, are asking for the federal government to repay the thousands of dollars in overtime for officers to protect President Donald Trump on his trips to the "Winter White House," his Mar-a-Lago estate. The Secret Service accounts for much of his exclusive protection while at his Florida estate, but local police assist the president's protection detail during his trips to Florida.

"It means the local taxpayers will have to bear the added burden of being part of the security for the president of the United States," Paulette Burdick, mayor of Palm Beach County, told CNN. "It will either be cuts or increase in taxes."

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