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Donald Trump Could Become First GOP Non-Incumbent In History To Win Iowa And New Hampshire

While Republican insiders have been worried their party’s presidential contest will be dragged into a brokered convention, there is one real possibility about this race: Donald Trump will become the nominee and he could set records getting there.

The Trump phenomenon has left much of the GOP establishment scratching their hands and, perhaps, denying the facts. They are allegedly gearing up for a brokered convention, a situation when no presidential candidate wins enough caucuses to secure the party's nomination in time for the summer convention.

A more likely scenario than a brokered convention is one in which Trump wins the nomination in a caucus blowout. The business mogul is aware of this, setting his sights on achieving an unprecedented campaign winning streak.

“If we win Iowa, I think we’ll run the table … I really do,” Trump said during a Jan. 12 campaign stop in Iowa, Washington Examiner reports. “We’re winning New Hampshire big league.”

If Trump were to win both Iowa and New Hampshire, he would be the first non-incumbent GOP candidate to do so in modern times, according to MSN.

If he wins both the first caucuses, it is possible that he goes on to win the vast majority of primary contests. Trump is polling on top among Republican voters across the nation, and while his lead among a vast pack of conservative candidates is impressive, what is even more telling is how his popularity has stabilized, continuing to grow instead of dipping.

Trump’s closest competitor is currently Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, whose momentum was growing with his polling lead in Iowa. Trump’s aggressive campaigning has seen him surge by 15 percentage points in Iowa in the second and third weeks of January, overtaking Cruz’s lead, The Washington Post reports.

If Trump defeats Cruz in the Evangelical-heavy Iowa caucus, the Texas senator would likely be unable to recover momentum. It would then be difficult to point to a single GOP candidate who could derail Trump.

If these polls translate into actual votes, Trump could possibly become the most victorious primary candidate in modern times. This wouldn’t necessarily make him a winner in the general election.

It would mean that GOP voters would have made it clear that they got the candidate that they wanted. If Trump were to lose in November, perhaps the GOP base would have to reconsider if what they want is electable.

Sources: MSN, Washington Examiner, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Gage Skimore/Flickr

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