Trump On Clinton: 'The People Don't Want Her'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, fresh off three new electoral wins, is confident that his potential opponent will be Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

On March 8, Trump won the Michigan and Mississippi primaries, as well as the Hawaii caucus. Further cementing his front-runner status in the GOP primary, the business mogul made the rounds across news channels on March 9, Washington Examiner reports.

Clinton suffered a surprising loss in Michigan, a state she was projected to sweep, but instead was narrowly won by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Trump pitched this development as less of a victory for Sanders, and more of a benefit for his own general election prospects.

“I think that she’ll get the nomination; this was just a bump,” Trump told CNN. “Michigan is more than a bump in the general because it says the people don’t want her.”

The business mogul has been slamming Clinton as a candidate who does not generate excitement.

“There’s not spirit behind Hillary, there never will be,” Trump told the TODAY Show. “She’s not going to engender spirit, there’s nothing to be spirited about.”

The business mogul was disregarding the fact that Clinton would, if elected, become the first woman president. Instead, Trump stated that the only candidate who puts a fire in voters’ hearts is himself.

“And what happens is, we have something, that if we can embrace it, we’re going to have a massive victory in November,” Trump said. “We have to recover as a party… There’s a tremendous positive energy in this party.”

Trump predicts that he would crush Clinton in a general election match-up, but survey results say otherwise.

On March 9, a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll indicated that, if a Clinton versus Trump general election were held now, then the former Secretary of State would blow the business mogul out of the water.

Fifty-one percent of respondents would vote for Clinton, while only 38 percent would choose Trump. General election polls this early into the race are not always accurate, but these results indicate Clinton will be a much more formidable opponent than Trump has acknowledged.

Sources: NBC News, TODAY News, Washington Examiner / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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