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Trump, Clinton Are Historically Disliked Front-Runners

New data indicates the current front-runners of both party primaries, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump, would both be deeply unpopular presidential contenders in the general election.

A March 21 CBS News/New York Times survey shows Clinton only has a 31 percent favorable rating from respondents while a whopping 52 percent were unfavorable.

Of respondents, 16 percent were undecided on the former secretary of state, resulting in a net rating of -21 percent.

If Clinton is the Democratic nominee, she would have the biggest favorability deficit since CBS News/New York Times have been tracking presidential candidates.

Except that Trump would have her beat with truly abysmal favorability ratings. Of those polled, 24 percent were favorable to the business mogul while 57 percent were unfavorable.

With 19 percent undecided, Trump currently has a net rating of -33 percent.

To compare these net favorability ratings to previous presidential candidates: Republican Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts had -7 while President Barack Obama had 0 in 2012. In 2008, both Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona had positive net ratings of 16 and 7, respectively.

When the two candidates are pitted against each other in a general election match-up, the survey data shows Clinton prevailing over Trump by 10 points among registered voters.

It is important to note that tracking hypothetical general election results this early in the year has not been historically predictive.

Another poll released on March 21, Morning Consult, showed overall negative results for both presidential front-runners.

Clinton has a net favorable rating of -15 points while Trump has a rating of -28 points.

In this survey, 45 percent of registered voters would vote for Clinton while 38 percent would cast their ballot for Trump in a general election.

Breaking down these two candidates’ appeal by gender, a March 21 poll conducted by The Intercept found Clinton is deeply disliked by male respondents while Trump fares truly abysmally with women.  

Clinton scored a -20 percent favorability rating among men while Trump notched -11.2 percent favorability. Meanwhile, Clinton received a -4.6 percent rating among women while Trump was in the hole for a staggering -32.8 percent.

If these presidential candidates become the standard-bearers of their parties in November, they would be historically unpopular. It seems that for now, if Americans had to pick their poison they’d go with Clinton before Trump.

Sources: CBS News, The Intercept, Morning Consult via The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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