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Trump Calls DOJ Independence 'The Saddest Thing'

Trump Calls DOJ Independence 'The Saddest Thing' Promo Image

President Trump spoke with Larry O'Connor, a conservative radio host in Washington, D.C., about the media and immigration. He also insisted the Department of Justice should be investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and said he is "very unhappy" that he cannot participate in a federal investigation and encourage it to look into the Democratic National Committee.

The DOJ operates independently of the president, but according to Trump in his most recent interview with O'Connor, that is the "saddest thing." 

Trump praised local media outlets, as well as Fox News, for their coverage of him, and again called out major outlets CNN, CNBC and others as "fake news" before O'Connor told Trump on behalf of his callers in Washington that they want to see the FBI investigate the seven-year-old Uranium One deal and Clinton's links to it, according to HuffPost.

“But you know the saddest thing is that because I’m the president of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department. I’m not supposed to be involved with the FBI. I’m not supposed to be doing the kind of things that I would love to be doing. And I’m very frustrated by it,” Trump said on the "Larry O'Connor Show."

Trump also expressed his interest in wanting to investigate Clinton's actions in the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as those of the DNC.

“I look at what’s happening with the Justice Department. Why aren’t they going after Hillary Clinton with her emails and with the dossier, and the kind of money?” Trump said of a dossier about him that alleged Russian blackmailing attempts. “I don’t know, is it possible that they paid $12.4 million for the dossier? And how was it -- which is total phony, fake -- and how was it used?”

Trump's local media outlet comments come just after the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission approved the change in a rule that would allow the Sinclair Broadcast Group to expand its reach to acquire the Tribune Media Company.

The deal that would grant Sinclair ownership of the remaining local news agencies under Tribune Media has been criticized by Democrats and some Republicans, according to Reuters.

Advocacy group Free Press said Sinclair forces its stations to “air pro-Trump propaganda and then seeks favors from the Trump administration.” In April, Sinclair hired former Trump campaign adviser Boris Epshteyn as a commentator.

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Sinclair owns 192 U.S. television stations and announced plans to acquire Tribune’s 42 TV stations in 33 markets, as well as cable network WGN America, extending its reach to 72 percent of American households, reports Reuters.

The Uranium One deal is a major talking point in conservative media, reports HuffPost. While Clinton served as secretary of state, a Russian nuclear energy firm bought a controlling share in Uranium One, which mines much of the world's uranium. 

Sources: The Washington Post, HuffPost, Reuters / Featured Image: The White House/Flickr / Embedded Images: The White House/Wikimedia Commons, Jim Mattis/Wikimedia Commons

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