Trump Bashes 'Half-Baked' Obama Administration


Donald Trump criticized President Obama's administration as "half-baked" during an interview on Fox News.

Before a Bethpage, New York, rally April 6, Trump spoke with Fox News' Brian Kilmeade about Obama calling his plan to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it "half-baked."

"Well I mean, his whole administration is half-baked. They don’t know what they’re doing," he said. "We’re gonna build it, Mexico’s gonna pay for it. I explained how they could pay — I mean, we have many different ways, but I explained how they’re gonna pay for it.”

Trump also spoke of his loss in Wisconsin, saying that he "wasn't expected" to win in the state but still felt that he did "very well," Politico reported.

"I got 36 or so in terms of a percentage, 36 percent. [W]e picked up some delegates," he said.

"I was pretty happy. I mean, we had a lot of people against me. We had millions and millions of dollars spent — you know the anti-Trump meeting, the establishment was spending a lot of money. And frankly, if they spent that kind of money against Obama, they might have beaten him.”

Trump's rival Ted Cruz recently spoke to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about his victory in Wisconsin, and also criticized Trump's business record.

"Republicans, we want to win," he said during the interview, which took place on Trump's home turf in New York.

"We want to beat Hillary. The last thing we want is to nominate someone like Donald Trump who, over and over again, has allegations of fraud against him, has litigation. Last thing we want is to nominate someone who's going to be on the witness stand in October and November as much as Hillary Clinton."

Cruz cited Trump University, the front-runner's failed business venture that has been referred to as a scam by many.

"The Trump University litigation that he defrauded thousands of people with a fake university, took their money, scammed them -- that's scheduled to go to trial this summer," he said.

Sources: Politico, ABC News / Photo credit: Wikimedia

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