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Trump Approval Rating At 50 Percent Or Higher In 17 States

Trump Approval Rating At 50 Percent Or Higher In 17 States Promo Image

New polling indicates that while President Donald Trump has received polarized support across the nation, his approval rating remains solid in 17 states. The president remains popular in states that comprise the core of the American heartland and in historically conservative strongholds.

On July 24, a national Gallup survey found that Trump received the highest approval ratings from states in the South and the Midwest.

The president had the strongest showing in West Virginia, where he accumulated 60 percent support. Both North Dakota and South Dakota followed with 59 percent and 57 percent, respectively. Montana and Wyoming tied for fourth place with 56 percent each, while Alabama came in fifth with 55 percent.

Trump also reportedly scored an approval rating of 50 percent or higher in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.

The poll also found that Trump had an approval rating from 40 percent to 49 percent in 16 states. The president scored less than 40 percent in the remaining 17 states.

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Trump fared the worst in Vermont, where only 26 percent of respondents approved of his job performance. Massachusetts was the second least enthusiastic state, with only 29 percent of residents approving.

The remaining states that approved the president by less than 40 percent were California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington state.

The three states that sealed Trump's electoral college win during the 2016 election had a mixed level of support for the president. Forty-three percent of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin respondents approved of his job performance while 42 percent of Michigan voters also approved.

The data indicates that Trump still enjoys firm support in one third of the country while his approval rating is abysmal in another third, with the remainder mixed on his job performance.

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RealClearPolitics, after aggregating the last nine national polls released between July 12 and July 23, found that Trump had an average approval rating of 40 percent and an average disapproval of 56 percent.

On July 24, a USA Today/iMediacEthics survey found that nearly half of national adults were skeptical that Trump would complete his first term.

While 57 percent of respondents said that Trump was likely to see his first term through, 36 percent said that he likely would not for whatever reason and 7 percent were not sure, USA Today reports.

The survey also found that 34 percent of respondents believed Trump should be impeached and would be upset if Congress did not impeach him. An identical 34 percent said the president should not be impeached and that they would be upset if he were removed from office.

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