Trucker's Powerful Message Goes Viral

A photo of the powerful message written on a truck's mud flaps is going viral.

In a photo shared by the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page, a truck driver's powerful message is proudly on display. The photo was captured by another driver in traffic on the highway in Twinsburg, Ohio.

"Without cops, nothing matters," a hand-written message on the truck's mud flaps reads.

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The simple message makes a powerful statement in a time of high tension between police officers and citizens in America.

The trucker's statement earned support from many Facebook users.

"Good people in Ohio backing the Blue!" one user commented.

"I drive truck as well and I always keep an eye out for our LEO's and especially our Troopers," another user wrote. "29 years behind the wheel I've met some of the most professional troopers right here in Ohio."

Sources: Mad World NewsOhio Going Blue/Facebook / Photo credit: Mad World News

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