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Phone Number In Bathroom Stall Leads To Love

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A trucker found love in an unexpected place -- on the wall of a bathroom stall.

Mark Ellis was at a pub when he went into a bathroom and saw a phone number written on the wall. 

“If you want a good s--- call Donna on...” the message written next to the number read. As it turned out, the message was written by the ex of Donna Roberts. Ellis decided to text the phone number as a joke, and didn’t expect what would come of it.

“Hi,” his message read. “What are you up to?”

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Ellis said he was simply curious about the phone number.

“'I was curious to know if it was a real human being. We still laugh about it,” he said, Daily Mail reported. Roberts was confused by how the trucker found her number, but the pair soon began texting and met a few days later.

“It was days be­fore he told me how he got my number,” Roberts told The Sun. “I was stunned. I had to get a new phone so no one else could ring.”

The two now have two children, ages 8 and 9, but the kids haven't heard their parents’ story.

“I usually say he texted me by mistake,” Roberts said. 

“And now her kids' friends will know that their parents met by their dad wanting a good s--- with her number scribbled on a toilet door. Her ex obviously wasn't wrong,” one Daily Mail reader wrote.

“So he phoned a number scrawled on a lavatory wall? Classy,” another added.

Sources: The SunDaily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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