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Truck Driver’s Actions Following Accident Go Viral (Video)


Last week on a highway near Biloxi, Miss., a trucker risked his life to save complete strangers who were trapped in their burning car, reports The Blaze.

Incredibly, the man, who Jalopnik has identified as David Frederickson, caught the entire scene on his dash camera. In the video, we can see a Lincoln Towncar, which was apparently trying to merge onto the highway, slam into an 18-wheeler. This caused a massive explosion.

Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that Frederickson was not even part of the accident; he was driving several hundred yards behind the two vehicles when they collided, and simply decided to act when he saw the terrifying scene play out.

Audio from the footage allows us to hear the conversation Frederickson had with his passenger just seconds before Frederickson heroically rescued the victims of the crash.

“Should we go out there and see if we can get them out of the car?” Frederickson asked his co-pilot. “No. What are you gonna do?” the other man replied. Following a sigh, Frederickson said, “I got a fire extinguisher.”

Following this brief conversation, Frederickson set out to extinguish the fire and rescue the two passengers trapped in the car, as the driver of the 18-wheeler had already exited his vehicle safely.

The two passengers in the Lincoln Towncar turned out to be a grandmother, who was driving and had suffered a broken leg, and her granddaughter, a one year-old baby who was trapped in the backseat as the car burst into flames.

Once Frederickson put the fire out and began getting the driver out of the car, his passenger had joined the rescue and got the baby girl out of the back seat.

"She was the cutest little thing, too," Frederickson said of the baby. "She was hugging him so tight she was choking him."

Watch the video below:


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