Truck Driver Records Cop He Honked At For Driving Recklessly, Cop Changes Tune After Realizing He's On Camera (Video)

An Illinois state trooper flagged down a truck driver who honked at him for his own reckless driving, but when the officer realized that he was being filmed, he immediately changed his tune.

Truck driver Brian Miner honked at the Illinois state trooper who sped past him while using his cellphone on a wet and slippery highway. The trooper was obviously not happy with being honked at and pulled Miner over for unlawful use of horn.

When the trooper asks Miner why he honked at him, Miner tells him that it was because he was speeding and using his cellphone.

“Police officers can actually use technology when they're driving,” retorts the trooper.

“So you guys are above the law?” asked Miner.

The trooper then proceeds to ask Miner how fast he was going, and when Miner defends himself, the trooper isn’t having it. Miner accuses the cop of going well over 70mph, a claim that the officer doesn’t dispute but rather defends.

Just as the officer tells Miner that he is writing him a ticket for unlawful use of horn, Miner picks up his cellphone and informs the trooper that he’s been recording him the whole time. Immediately, the officer changes his tune.

"I understand you using the horn," admits the officer. "You were trying to, you saw me speeding. Honestly, I wasn't paying attention to my speed."

The trooper still defends his cellphone use, but acknowledges that he understands Miner’s concern. He says that he’s not going to write him a ticket for unlawful use of horn so that he doesn’t hurt the driver’s record and apologizes again before leaving.

“And that’s what happens when they know you’re recording,” says Miner at the end of the clip.

Sources: Fox4KC, Inquisitr, CNET


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