Truck Driver Looking at Facebook When He Crashed Into Police, Fire Vehicles (Video)

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Truck driver Jorge Espinoza was reportedly looking at pictures of women on Facebook when he crashed his empty fuel tanker into two fire trucks and three police cars.

The tragic accident on Interstate 8 in Arizona took the life of Police Officer Tim Huffman back in May (video below).

The Arizona Daily Star reports that Espinoza had allegedly put his truck on cruise control at 65 m.p.h. and was using his cell phone to go on Facebook to look at pictures of scantily-clad females.

After the accident, Espinoza told police that he was watching at a passing truck in his mirror and didn’t see the emergency vehicles on the highway.

However, a camera on Espinoza's dashboard recorded his cell phone flying out of his hand, say police.

Also, his cell phone tracked his browsing on Facebook right before the crash, claimed investigators, notes

Espinoza has been charged with second-degree murder.

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