Truck Driver Cleared Of Charges After Severing Attacker's Hand With Meat Cleaver


A truck driver was found not guilty after he chopped off the hand of a man who was attacking him.

Majid Al-Asadi, 48, says Maytham Almalke, Abbas Al-Garaarwi and Atier Hieloo attacked him in June while he was sitting in his truck, as part of what the victim claims was an intimidation campaign against him and his family, reports the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Al-Asadi says that, prior to the attack, his wife was assaulted, his car had been firebombed and his house was broken into – after another family accused him of stealing a mobile phone that contained “sensitive information.”

On the morning of the June attack, Al-Asadi says he was shot with a taser before one of the attackers reportedly hit him in the knee with a meat cleaver, reports the New York Daily News.

After the same suspect began chasing Al-Asadi with the cleaver, he allegedly tripped and fell – which presented the victim with an opportunity to grab the weapon. Al-Asadi then reportedly used the cleaver to sever Almalke’s left hand.

Al-Asadi spent eight days in an Australian jail before posting bail.

“This is a unique case where a victim of ongoing threats and violence was charged by police and prosecuted in circumstances where he was a victim,” said Al-Asadi’s attorney, Abdullah Reslan.

A surgeon was reportedly able to reattach Almalke’s hand. All charges have since been cleared against Al-Asadi.

Sources:  Sydney Daily Telegraph, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Sydney Daily Telegraph


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