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Truck Driver Allegedly Caught Smuggling Immigrants At Texas Checkpoint, Hiding Them Behind A Fake Wall


A truck driver passing through a border control checkpoint in Texas was reportedly found to be illegally transporting people across the border in the cargo area of his truck. He allegedly hid his passengers behind a false wall in the back of the vehicle.

Officials at the Falfurrias Checkpoint on the border between Texas and Mexico became suspicious when they realized the inside of the driver's truck didn't seem to be as long as the outside, KZTV reported on Dec. 30.

After searching the cargo area with the help of a K-9 unit, border patrol agents say they discovered duct tape and jagged metal cuts on the top of the wall at the back of the truck, suggesting that the wall had been tampered with.

After peeling back the bottom section of the wall, they discovered 10 immigrants hiding in the back of the truck.

Upon being discovered, the passengers squeezed out of a small opening in the wall, one at a time.

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They were offered medical care before being processed to return to their home countries.

The driver of the truck is reportedly a U.S. citizen with a long criminal record, including charges for drug possession, battery, illegal possession of a firearm and driving while intoxicated. 

Border agents have caught around 140 immigrants attempting to illegally cross the border in Texas's Rio Grande Valley region since Oct. 1, according to KVUE.

On Dec. 23, agents found two men hiding in the trunk of a car at the Falfurrias Checkpoint.

In October, officers in the same checkpoint discovered 33 immigrants being smuggled inside a refrigerated semitrailer, Breitbart reported at the time. The temperature inside the truck was reportedly 53 degrees.

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Sources: KZTV, KVUE, Breitbart / Photo credit: RVG Border Control via KZTV

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