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Truck Driver Arrested After Posting Videos of Himself Threatening Bicyclists

Truck driver Michael Maddox was arrested yesterday after allegedly posting videos of himself on Facebook threatening people riding bicycles.

His bizarre videos were originally brought to the attention of law enforcement by bikers on

Maddox took the videos down on Tuesday, but was arrested in Anniston, Ala. on Thursday and charged with reckless endangerment.

A collection of Maddox's videos were posted this week on YouTube (video below), noted

“I ought to run him in the ditch!" Maddox yells on one video. “Ride your little bicycle! You piece of crap! I oughta run him in the ditch is what I shoulda done!”

Maddox states on another video, “I’m gonna hurt one of them one of these days. I can’t help myself, I’m gonna do it!”

In another video, Maddox appears to rev his engine and drive closely to a bicyclist while yelling, "That scare you, boy? Get your peddling butt off the road!"

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Department announced on its Facebook page how it regretfully arrested Maddox:

While we knew this would be controversial, we have the duty to investigate all complaints brought to us. Knowing the nature of this case we presented it to the District Attorney's Office for review. Which resulted in the issuance of a warrant. It's a tough job that has to be done.

Many people responded on Facebook by defending the angry trucker:

People on bikes, do they pay tax for a tag that pays for the roads that we drive ? No!!!! For someone to post his address and phone number and stuff is right ? No !!!! He has a family !!!! Arrest the true criminals !!!!

For you people that wants to ride a bike, walk or run. They built a trail for that called the Chief Ladiga Trail go use it. The tax payers payed for it to use! For the Calhoun County Sheriff this is sad for you wasting time on bull crap like this. Go after these Meth heads.

According to The Anniston Star, Maddox apologized on his Facebook page on Thursday morning before being arrested:

I want to publicly apologize to all people that I have offended over those absolute stupid videos that I posted... anybody who knows me knows that would never ever intentionally hurt anyone," Maddox wrote. "I am truly sorry for anyone I may have offended... and please everyone share the road and be very aware of bicycle riders everywhere.

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