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Watch: Motorcyclist Exacts Sweet Revenge After Truck Driver Runs Another Biker Off The Road (Video)

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The driver of a pickup truck that nearly hit a motorcycle got a tough lesson about messing with bikers.

Video of the incident, posted below, shows the near collision from the point of view of the motorcylist, who had a camera on his helmet. As he is riding, a car passes by him in the opposite lane. Seconds later, the truck drives by next to him.

Unlike the car before it, the pickup truck is driving so close to the yellow line that one side of it is practically in the biker’s lane. In order to avoid catastrophe, the biker moves over towards the side of the road and make his way around the pickup truck. 

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The biker then turns around and drives up next to the pickup truck, which had stopped in the middle of the road just after the close call occurred. The driver of the truck gets out of his vehicle and approaches the biker.

“Hell no, you ain’t going to tell me s**t!” the biker yells. 

“I’ve got kids in my motherf**king truck,” the driver of the pickup angrily replies.

“Did you see what the f**k you just did?” the biker asks.

“I don’t care,” the pickup truck driver exclaims repeatedly. The biker begins facing the other side of the road, with the truck driver in his face the entire time.

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Another biker suddenly appears and approaches the driver of the pickup from behind. He proceeds to headbutt the driver and knock him to the ground.

Watch the confrontation below.

Sources: Mad World News, YouTube

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