Troopers Miss 230 Bags Of Heroin During Car Search


Massachusetts state troopers discovered 230 bags of heroin in a car after initially missing the drugs during a traffic stop in Northampton on Feb. 17.

The suspects arrested in the bust — 26-year-old Jordan Johnson, 26-year-old Ethan Richards and 24-year-old Carrie Tutsock — were initially pulled over for traveling 11 miles per hour over the speed limit, according to Mass Live.

When the arresting troopers saw a crack pipe on the passenger's thigh, they searched the suspects' car and found two additional crack pipes as well as several badges of heroine and crack cocaine. A digital scale with heroin residue and hypodermic needles were also found.

While the officers were transporting the suspects to the county jail, troopers overheard Tutsock turn to the other two suspects and whisper, "I don't think they found all the stuff in the car."

Detectives subsequently returned to the car, where they conducted a second search and found a sealed Coca Cola can that contained 230 baggies of heroin labeled "Alpha." The can was found on the floor of the car. During the search, an additional three scales with white powder on them were found inside the spare tire compartment.

The soda can is known as a "hide," which is used to conceal drugs.

Tutsock told authorities that she and her two companions had just bought the heroin and that they were heading home to New Hampshire at the time of the bust. None of the suspects were willing to tell police where they bought the drugs.

The suspects were each charged with possession with the intent to distribute a Class A drug. They were subsequently arraigned in Northampton District Court.

In a similar incident in Vernon, Connecticut, police busted two men for possession of more than 1,400 bags of heroin after the men were pulled over in a traffic stop, Fox 61 reported. They were each slapped with several narcotics charges — including possession of narcotics with intent to sell and possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet  of a school/daycare.

Sources: Mass Live, Fox 61 / Photo credit: Pixabay

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