Trooper Draws Gun for No Apparent Reason While Stopping Luxury and Sports Cars (Video)


Did one Arkansas state trooper abuse his power by singling out luxury vehicles and intimidating drivers with a loaded gun? That is what many internet users are asking after a video has surfaced revealing a state trooper’s apparently excessive show of force.

The incident took place during the goldRush Rally, which is a rally for owners of luxury and sports cars. For some unknown reason, Arkansas troopers set up a road block and then specifically targeted people in sports cars. One trooper even drew his gun and pointed it in the direction of the cars, despite the fact that the drivers seem to be fully cooperating with the troopers.

The user who posted the video wrote, “While driving through Arkansas we noticed a state trooper checking out (or so we thought) the group of cars we were driving with. Little did we know the cop had quite the plan for us including shutting down the highway with a roadblock, drawing his weapon and pointing it directly at each driver, and citing the drivers with tickets.

“I was absolutely shocked to see the state trooper with his weapon drawn pointed at us as we approached the road block!! That's the last time I'll be going through Arkansas.”

Unfortunately, the user did not explain why he was being ticketed because there is no evidence on the video of any of the drivers breaking any laws. 

It is obviously a very one-sided video that has been thoroughly edited, but the footage that is available leaves serious questions about the state troopers’ strategies. Why were they only targeting these specific cars? Why did the trooper think that it was necessary to draw his gun in the middle of a busy highway?

What’s your take on the video?

Source: Carscoops


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